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May 02, 2008


Agree Alec, wondered about that myself. Glad to hear they are aware of the problem and addressing it. Seriously now, how hard would it be do do up a downloadable thumb? HELLO, EASY.

Hold the phone - I just tried to upload a photo and was denied because I need to buy a $6 paper thumb and have it mailed to me first.

Is this the sort of interactive online experience that makes everybody feel good? Maybe. But I'm not about to pay money to a group I don't know, then wait 6 - 14 weeks to find out.

Come on HappyCorp, make it easier to spread the happy!

Here's a comment from their team on the matter (Yes, I had to ask):

"The 6 bucks covers the cost of printing the micro-perf card and shipping, not trying to make any money on the thing that's for sure considering all the time to build it etc. We are in the process of adding downloadable cards, and an app that let's you add the thumb to any image, but they will take some time. A big part of the project / idea is to get people to meet other people, use the card as an ice breaker (have you seen the Orange 32 card "you're a douche"?), and then hit the net (where we all spend so much time now). It's the same with our event series LVHRD, trying to get people to connect in real life and play online.

The print cards are great for us to spread with our business card packs in meetings, at events (which we throw here in NYC), etc while this fun side project grows up over time."

So funny, I actually thought of you when writing this post, Moglo. We miss you!!

Awesome posting -- I couldn't agree with you more. Ain't nothing better than a little brand placebo effect to begin healing us from the ills of the world. Oh, and did I say you look great today?

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