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June 20, 2007


Point very well taken Piers. Here's where I was coming from. 1. Our industry is basically all about pollution and interruption, no matter how well it's thought out or packaged deftly into a philosophy of some sort (the philsophy/new biz schtick du jour). 2. It's all crap (I am currently judging award entries of the alleged "best" and believe me, I wish I were more impressed overall). 3. If an execution or campaign stops you and makes you think for even a moment, even if it's just "gee, I haven't seen that before, how clever" perhaps that's all we can expect (that's the reaction I had to these).

I wish we could turn this business into something that makes the world better but I long ago gave up on that hope! That's why I consume culture outside of work so voraciously.

I stongly disagree. These are great examples of urban spam. Crap like this isn't any way forward. It's just another reason for the public to hate the ad industry even more.

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