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January 26, 2006


Reminds me of Trendwatching's reporting on the aptly "online oxygen" trend they noticed among Gen Y. To many of them, losing one's connectedness is literally like losing our vital air supply.

Groupthink doesn't worry me as much - that always been a given with the younger generation, and tends to change as they enter the workplace and real life experiences help draw out the differing attitudes and beliefs among them. I'm more worried about the thought of folks who "whither" when they don't get real-time feedback/corroboration/virtual back-slapping. At least their limited attention span means they'll likely just move on to the next task/IM/email....

Great thought Tina - I agree! Will be interesting to see which brand has the guts and imagination to break out and be this generation's Apple. : ) JF

I might argue that being connected has always been important to people when they're young, regardless of their demographic title. We used to hang out at the mall and talk on the phone incessently (albeit a landline phone!) Our parents parked their cars in drive-ins and went out for pizza (or whatever they did...) Maybe it's the degree of connectedness that is currently enabled that seems so different.

When you wrote: "for a brand to offer this audience the ability to break free from connectedness's shackles and think as individuals for a change" I immediately flashed to what Apple did in 1984.

Good stuff, Jeff.

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