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Jeff Flemings - blog editor - SVP/Director, Digitas Account Planning Group [email protected] - plus dozens of DTAS contributors!


DIGITAL HIVE BLOG is the product and project of a group of Digitas employees who care about things like:

customer insight, customer experience, how consumers are reacting to empowering technologies, how marketers are harnessing innovation to pivot from push marketing to pull marketing, how customer insight can drive the big idea process

Current active authors include (in alphabetical order) Tina Bronkhorst, Kristina Cantelli, Steve Elson, Jake Garber, Katharine Lusk, Lori Magno, and Laura Rollins.

DIGITAS is one of the country’s leading digital and direct marketing agencies. Founded in 1980, we’ve built our reputation on the ability to combine smart thinking, great creativity, and cross-channel communications excellence to create marketing engines that deliver world-class results for our clients.

Whether driving customer acquisition, cross-sell, loyalty, affinity, or customer care operations, Digitas marketing engines build stronger relationships between brands and their customers.