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February 02, 2007


John, Interference should get to work on a "youth meme" island in SL - as for learnings, lets see what turns up on six months. It's on my calendar.

Paul, let's talk about shoes instead.

I'm going to continue to be contrarian on this, you guys. This dead horse is NOT dead. In six months, marketers are going to be talking SPECIFICALLY about how to create "youth memes", forgetting how outraged everyone was.

A spike in ratings for ATHF will be pointed to.

The phrase "can't make an omelette without breaking eggs" will be mentioned, and everyone will wave their hands saying "yes, some mistakes were made", etc.

Listen, everyone pays lip service about how viral/guerilla marketing is messy, and people make dumb mistakes. This is a perfect example -- I don't think we're done gathering learnings from this one yet.

I'm with you. This dead horse is very dead. Can't we just talk about 70's haircuts?

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