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January 26, 2007



You are ahead of the curve in many ways (your "Tune In Saturdays") at the Hee Haw Marketing blog are spectacular. But do you have your own Primatech card? Well do you punk?

OOOO, I totally just beat you to the punch. On monday night, they showed a close-up of his business card that showed the primatech website. Of course, I went there, too. Not sure what they have in store, yet, but I must say, I'm intrigued.

What a great way to make the fans of the show feel somewhat a part of the show. Only true fans of “Heroes” will be able to find these goose eggs. Seriously I am ready to find out the answers to all my questions about this show. Can Niki over come her alter ego? Is Claire’s dad on the good side or bad? Can Hiro save Isaac and the world? Is Peter the person who will try to destroy the world? I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. This show just gets better and better, beating out "24" for the 9 o’clock time slot. Winning Favorite New TV Drama at this year's People's Choice Award. I see this show sticking around for a long time, with new heroes along the way. If you missed the People's Choice Award you can watch highlights and exclusive behind the scene footage of the show at http://www.pcavote.com . I work with the people's choice community so check it out and be a part of a community offering blogs and message boards and where you get the latest Hollywood and celebrity news

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