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January 10, 2007


The rip-off from LG looks good too

Hey, on a somewhat unrelated note, I like the new Digital Hive header the most our of the last few. Who did it?

iPhone, girl, why don't you come over to my apartment. I will cradle you in a carrying case of the finest imitation chamois regionally available. Here, let me gently wipe your screen with this cleaning cloth....


I don't care which of my possessions I have to sell, I WILL OWN ONE. Oh yes I will. And then I will build all those mobile applications that I've had to shelve for the past four years because you could only run them on a niche Nextel phone that looked like a torture device from Star Wars and made clients blanch. Me and my iPhone, we will take long walks on the beach together.

Woot! I think lust is the perfect word for it. And I WAS a verizon customer. I hope those assholes enjoy the last few months of taking my money!

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