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January 18, 2007


Your are being silly on not using your debit card. I use mine all the time and had no problems. It not Tj Maxx that would not let them release this info it was law enforcement. This time it was not just debit cards either. It was Credit cards & debits card as well a checks and driver licenses number. Heard this on the local news. The bank acted responsibly and cancelled your card that is a good thing. If you need cash. You can go to your bank and write a check for Cash.

John: Thanks for the link to the Citizen Media blog - it is stupendously on point! My personal favorite lines of response to crisis are "we are committed" and "we take this very seriously".

I highly recommend a Google search using "we take this very seriously" - just to see who's taking what "seriously". Seriously. I don't think I can ever use that word again.

Whoops, long URL truncated by CSS won't work. TRy this:

Well, at least they didn't "take this very seriously" :)

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