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January 16, 2007



The Something Awful blog is awesomely good - thanks for that. I had heard the Smiley story (in some form) before - but a perfect example indeed. Make an experience for me and I shall blog you (for good or bad...) As for the promotion in a box - I'll be working on my own viral video entitled "My promotional box in a box for you." I know it's just me - but the live model in store windows, or traveling plexi-boxes really freaks me out. Just give me a damn coupon.

I <3 Lori.

Lori, for more curmudgeonliness on the Red Tide of UGC, check out what the forum goons at Something Awful are saying (puerile language, cussin'):

As far as customer service goes, I'm increasingly of the vision that technology should be used to get your REGULAR STUFF ON LOCKDOWN, so that you are then free to provide awesome personal brand touches like this.

My favorite historical lesson here is how Albert Smiley installed an intranet in 1873 at his Mohonk Mountain House hotel in New Paltz. The gatehouse would telegraph the names of arriving guests (and their position in the stagecoach) up to the front desk, so they could greet every guest by name (and show appropriate deference to arriving pashas, I suppose.) The examples you give are both really awesome.

And, as far as the "promotion in a box", did you see the Cancun one parked in front of Penn Station in the middle of December? That one was full of sand and bikini models, and the weather was a bit more obliging. It actually snapped the New Yorkers out of their haze a bit. I can't wait to see the next entry into the "novelty promotional vehicle" market (and I'm not being sarcastic)!

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